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Site Engineering

Jatheesan LTD is a Civil Engineering and building contractors. We were happy to help our customers throughout whole process.

our company provide a highly skilled team of experienced site and land engineering surveyors are capable of undertaking a wide range of small and large scale of engineering projects.


We offer following Engineering Services.

  • Site control
  • Setting out
  • AS-built Surveys.
  • Quality Control check
  • Topographical surveys

Our team of highly- skilled  engineering surveyors use a combination of  high precision Global Positioning(GPS),Total Station and Digital  Leveling Techniques ,allowing most complex designs to be set out  within  the specified tolerance, depending on Individual project requirements.

Site Control

Our team have significant experience of establishing and maintaining  precise  primary  control on a wide range of construction projects .We use the latest technology, including  total  station instruments and GPS technology to  establish  primary and secondary  control at every stage of the project  from the initial traverse ,through to providing  grid lines and datum.

We can take initial design and input the data into our tools to digitize coordinates ,and we will establish accurate survey control networks,according to setting out criteria   using ordnance  survey information or best  fit site grid.

We can provide site control  deliverable as reports, including photos ,description and drawings of all established control points ,and a map of the control points and values either digitally ,in hard copy format or both.

As-Built Surveying

We can provide as-built surveys  at any stage of development, where you need to monitor the construction taking place , the project level that has been achieved  and whether  the actual position of  structural features  matches the original design specification. 

Setting out

We can work from-ordinates , annotated drawings or AutoCAD to provide high quality, accurate survey data,no matter how complex is the design. Our surveyors take data and pin point the positions.

Setting out features from pile works and  drainage ,to above ground features such as brick work and stud walls .We use GPS  systems,giving us real time coordinates from National ordnance Survey data,total  station or digital leveling techniques. so that ,whatever  size of your project , the result is always precise ,accurate carried out  to your deadline.

Topographical surveys

Here at  Jatheesan construction we carry out  topographical surveys  and  measured existing building surveyors,enabling the project to get off to  the best possible start using  the correct existing site information.

Our topographical surveys are produced using a combination of Global navigation Satellite system,Robotic total stations and Digital leveling techniques to effectively capture data in two or three dimensions.An accurate topographical survey can be crucial to determine the next points of  liaison in a construction Project, so our surveys  are completed to accuracy requirements  of within 2mm horizontal and 1mm Vertical.

We have built up long standing relationships with our clients and pride ourselves on providing professional and experienced ,reliable staff.

All Jatheesan Construction Engineers and Surveyors are equipped  with our own surveying  instruments,We use and own the latest Trimble and Leica surveying  Instruments , such as GPS and Robotic total stations.

Jatheesan Construction Service Provides  experienced  professional  engineers  and surveyors to the construction industry.

Jatheesan Construction offer a full range of site Engineering Services to cover all aspect of your building requirements.

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